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ecotile ESD flooring is manufactured using an injection-moulding process during which thousands of tiny metal fibres are added to the compound. This method ensures that the fibres are evenly distributed throughout the tile guaranteeing permanent ESD performance for your floor. ecotile ESD and anti-static flooring is guaranteed to meet ISO 61340/5, EN 1081 & EN 1815. The surface resistance of the tiles falls between: 3.0 x 104 ohm and 3.4 x 105 ohm. The contact resistance falls between: 3.6 x 105 ohm and 9.5 x105 ohm.

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  • Extremely hard wearing and durable, Reduces damage caused by impact, abrasion and vibration
  • Good Anti-fatigue, anti-slip and acoustic insulation properties.
  • Protects your existing floor from damage plus eliminates dust generated by old concrete floors
  • Smart and modern appearance, ideal for installation over damaged, uneven or contaminated substrates

ecotile has been designed to be loose laid over any hard surface. The floor doesn’t need to be totally level and the tiles will cope with ridges and the unevenness that you may experience with a traditional tamped concrete garage floor. Because the tiles are loose laid is doesn’t matter if the floor has no damp proof course or is contaminated with oil. The floor tiles can be laid straight over the old floor without any need for expensive or time consuming surface preparation. ecotile ESD flooring will gaurantee compliance with BS EN 61340 and transform your factory into a clean, modern working environment.

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EcoTile esd (conductive / dissipative) and anti-static flooring offers numerous advantages over alternative types of conventional esd and anti-static flooring. Whatever your esd or anti-static flooring requirements or needsit is highly likely we will be able to provide you with a cost effective and long lasting esd flooring solution that will solve all your problems. ecotile is guaranteed to surpass the requirements of IEC & BE EN 61340-5 for the life of the product.

ecotile is 100% recyclable and we operate a free collection and recycling service to all our clients.